Monday february 28th 2011 @1:56pm ( problems with today…. sheesh… )

so this morning i woke really early… i mean really early…. about 4am early… tried going back to sleep a few times but by 5:30 i had the television on…. watch morning Joe.. and kept flipping back and for the with channel 37 and channel 40…. msnbc and cnbc….  did see a girl with what looked like a blond wig on… walking in a blue sweatshirt  with a  an older man in a red sweatshirt…. walking really fast on the golf cart path… i only noticed because yesterday i saw the same hair…. but on a different person… walking… and i only noticed this person because it looked like they  had their body padded… like the padding on the mean police officer…. 

remember i told you about the one police officer who  came to my home when i called them after church one Sunday… He claimed to be  the mean police officer (I’ll locate his name and type it in later)…It was the police officer who  didn’t  take  my  call seriously when i had  the package stolen that contained two new credit  cards that were in my name.. and two keys to a contest .. a 300.00 dollar  check.. and the title to my car…

Anyway… the same wig was walking yesterday…. on the “padded” body… but today.. the person’s body was thin…. yes maybe it could have been a different person.. but i saw a girl who was hanging out by a neighbors house  one  day when i was supposed to be going out.. and i didn’t go… just to make sure that she/he didn’t break into my home….  and it was the exact same hair… like a bob and blondish.. but very thick.. and just looked fake… kinda like one of the wigs in karen kahels closet … she had a ton of them in her master closet … I saw them when the door was open to her closet and i was babysitting Greyson… anyway.. 

after getting on the treadmill… and a few exercise…. a shower… and ready to  go after changing  all the locks I drove to the front of the complex only to realize that i dint ave my watch on.. so i drove home and noticed two women on bikes riding int the complex.. by our  condos…   they didn’t stop anywhere.. just drove in and around… of course that made me think of how Karen would  send her little hench man in to do her dirty work… sometimes she would send in a babysitter with  a stroller… who didn’t have access to the complex but would walk in anyway… or she herself would put on her running shoes and run into my complex ….( and this was before  she ever had permission from anyone to be in the complex…or was on a list of any kind…  )  anyway…back to the women on bikes who didn’t stop…. 

This is what is really weird.. When i came back… i parked in the garage.. and locked it… and when i wen tout to go check my bag.. my briefcase…. the garage door was partially up again… it couldn’t go all the way up since i lock it from the inside.. but
someone had used a remote to try to access my garage…  I had called the police one day when i arrived home and the garage door was open…. and the light was on… i even went and tested each and every garage in my complex and no one was on my same wavelength… which is what the police thought at first… and what the garage company had told me may have happened… i even had my garage broken before because people had tried opening my garage when i had it locked from the inside….. and had to pay to have it fixed….  and  to have the the code completely changed…. but obviously… the man who was changing the code .. didn’t change the code at all… Gosh i hope it wasn’t another liar.. or corrupt contractor… again… but  sure doesn’t look good for the honesty of some of the guys i have had to hire to fix what these criminals have broken… or ruined… chalk it up to more damages…
and all this  happened because i saw Mr. Dee at  5pm mass yesterday and told him i would come over to help him with his emails….which i did really briefly… also gave him some scones i got yesterday at the grocery store…. 

So to make a long story even longer… i thought i saw my cousin David Bodnar  in this silver bmw leaving the strand when i was coming back from Mr. Dees….. the last time i saw him and he had come over to my home he wanted me to write some stories… stores about my life.. about all the things that have happened… about my childhood… guess i should let him read the blog entries…. which by the way… someone had already been on the blog entry for  my search for before i ever logged on….  the hyperlink was in purple.. while the was still in blue…. sheesh.. will the “wanna bees” stop at nothing??????
 I am really positive there is no prize for being  mary jean ziska… so why don’t these compulsively destructive identity thieves stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Did i also mention that the last time i called for help from the go daddy helpline…this one lady told  me to change all the pass codes… which i did…. but then said something a bit odd.. about the credit card information i had on  file… one man ( Jeff)  told me that the card had expired… which is because i only used a gift card to open the account… not my normal credit card… because I honestly didn’t want any one else to  steal any more from me especially on line… but when she told me to change the credit card numbers…. one person on the phone said something like… well we still have the other numbers… allowing them to access my accounts… be able to get into  the blog feature… etc…  scary….. is nothing safe??????    


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