Monday February 21st 2011( problems with website security)

So last night  I was blogging for a while ( a really long while.. i was also making sure i have a hard copy of all my entries)… since this website is mine…. and is my name… because i own the words.. the content and all of it honestly  really  belongs to me.. mary Jean ziska… so any changes that i did not make to any of the blog entries would then be subject to stealing intellectual property…. right?

Anyway… I  actually didn’t really sleep until this morning at about 6am… after the incident when I logged out and couldn’t get back into my account.. and when i requested two emails to be sent to my email address and none were showing up… I totally freaked and stayed  up to make sure i had a hard copy of every entry….

Also when i was trying to change the pictures.. in both websites.. i couldn’t move the actual screen so that i could click on the approve bar…  very weird.. and very frustrating… also i should be able to manipulate any part of the website when in the website designer… I mean i created the original website while babysitting at the Hyatt years ago…. in 2008…. i hope this isn’t another entire situation i will have to monitor or fix… UGGGG anyway..     
I called and spoke with a Go Daddy rep. and it was also suggested to make sure i change everything…. but today while i was working on the website again.. there was a strange moment when i didn’ t even do anything.. and there was a message ( at 5:24pm  that mentioned that i was successfully logged out of my blog… when i wasn’t logging out at all…   

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