Tuesday January 18th 2011@3:35pm ( wsj article/ video concerning i pad hacking)

I do not have an ipad… or an i phone ( though  I woudl have loved to have one… ) but there was an interestign article in today’s wsj( on line of course) wiht a video link… so i will try to eiter embed teh link or lin it somehow… to this blog… and hopefully you can see…

What is interestign is the charges for hacking…. if convicted the charges will be manimun penality of 5 years in prision adn afine of 250 thousand dollars…

“criminal charges in connection with an alleged hack of AT&T’s serves and thnet of email addresses adn personal information of approx. 120,000 apple Ipad users who accessed the internt via AT&T’s 3 G network.”.. clink on the hyperlinked text below to see video:

video link for article concerning hacking into Ipad

Does anyone think that the penalities for such an injustice… are a bit low? I do… maybe the congressmen who were able to work on the  phone act… can also do a bit for this crime… but at least it is a crime and criminal charges can be brought against these criminals…  so maybe if the stricktest penalities are enforced… less damage for the public… let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope and pray…. 

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