January 11th 2011 @11:43pm ( additonal crimes-money stolen from me from babysiting jobs –crime purpertrated repeately )

So  I wanted to mention additional crimes and  criminal activity.  These crimes were perpetrated against me and my mother’s business. 

I realized one con that people have repeatedly done and hurt my life  is by stealing or siefening  off money designated to me from well meaning family and friends.  These con artist have taken items /possessions  for their own personal uses….    its almost been as similar as stealing/pickpocketing…  when they perpetrated these crimes…i dint even realized how much they had stolen…. they might fish for the information… like the woman who was supposed to be on the Saks Fifth avenue all center at 11pm???? and surprisingly  sounded just like the con artist on the phone who lied to me about my electric bill and this time when i asked if a gift card could be used at the real store… didn’t know the answer and  wanted to get the number to the gift card… which luckily i did not give to her..

anyway… the point is they will steal any amount of money gift card or gift…

 if you remember the blog entry where i was told i was getting a pair of cashmere pajamas and ended up with a picture frame. and one time i was being given a gift of pillows.. they were supposed to be brand new pillows… but instead they were not packaged…

 and i believe the girls who have tried pretty successfully stealing my identity.. using my home for their encounters with boys who actually think these criminals live in my home…. and probably bless them  with all kinds of gifts, items for their home… (my home actually) and probably why when i go babysitting i come home to a broken house… after they have destroyed anything they want and assume i will work and be responsible and repair all the damage these horrible people do to lives to homes to relationships and to lives….. my life in particular….. and as i have mentioned so many times i have been through more unnecessary hurt and pain because of these horrible whores/criminals and identity thieves…. 

so from lying and pilfering  about items and monies that were suppose to be designated to me…. or gifts for my benefit….  like i mentioned even this Christmas for some reason i was told the sweaters were worth $340.00 but were actually only worth $99.00. silly to  actually lie about it unless $340.00 were supposed to be spent and someone  else got the remainder of the money…. ????? right????

another way the people on the phone would steal babysitting money from  me would be to day that a deposit was taken on a credit card …. and then a few times these obnoxious criminals wouldn’t even give me the money owed me… ( I got full pay for the babysitting i did since  that is the money i was living off and since i was Marion Gregory’s (Ziska’s )  real daughter and that had been happening since  i ever babysat for my mother starting  in 1996….   anyway one example was babysitting for the Sierberts at the Hyatt.. the amount  that was deducted from  my pay for the sting job on Fri October 1st 2010 was $79.20. that to me is stealing! when the person on the phone manipulates and lies… ( see the penalties from the  phone act see the congressman blog)  to fraudulently  steal  monies  for themselves…

 criminal actions  of fraud and theft…..

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