Wednesday December 22nd 2010 @12:49pm (the facial gift from gerard… adn a merle norman facial ….. be warry of some “gifts” )

.So you would think that  a gift is a nice thing… right? and it should be… something thoughtful.. meant to brighten your least that is what i tried  to do… especially to/ or for the people you love…  but i think you  should be wary of some gifts… especially when you need to know the motivation behind them…  take for example the facial i was given  as a gift… the one in Marco island… the one where Gerards girls questioned me …. then I had to take off my diamond ear rings.. and my diamond cross…. boy was I sooo naive and stupid …. and trusting… damn i was too trusting… well too trusting to be around a bunch of scummy con artists …..anyway…. big mistake.. also  the gift he was going to give me… of having my car detailed… and instead went into my home..with all my keys still attached to my key ring…..  

so here is another very bizarre incidence… and hopefully someone can figure out why it happened.. i was given a facial for a merle norman facial in Fort Myers at the bell tower… ( it of course is not in business anymore… .)  and the thing about facials… you normally  close your eyes when you are having them done… you purse is not on you… and usually you take off your jewelry… right?  even with a locker which if i remember correctly both these places didn’t have a locker or at least they didn’t offer me one to use…. i keep trying to think back to all that has happened and how it could have possibly taken place.. and how to prevent it from ever happening to me or anyone else again….. 

so in trying to figure out if these were two places where crimes were committed?by closing my eyes and leaving my purse and jewelry alone and in the room while i was getting the “facial” were my credit cards compromised then?……..

but i  have another bizarre twist… i was given a facial that was nothing  like a facial i had ever had…… ever….. and i have had some really great facials… of course i highly recommend the ritz carlton spa in Naples….)  first they put this guaze on my face then painted this plaster paris like substance on my face….and i just  sat there…  well i did put my hands in the gloves to have a paraffin treatment…..  does anyone know if you can get a persons fingerprint impression off of the parifin treatment? because at that time i needed to use my hand print…. fingerprints actually  to get into my safe deposit box … at the bank….  because i know that items were missing form my safe deposit box at one point in time… of course anyone i spoke to told me the items would “show up eventually”…… and i stupidly listened and didn’t file any police reports… at  that time… 

o.k. back to the facial I called Meryl Norman corporate when i found out that the bell tower store was ask about he facials… they said that each store even though  a franchise was independently operated and they may have made modifications from the original facials but having gauze then layer painted on and left to dry to an almost mask like consistency…. that most of the people i spoke with had never heard of such a procedure…. … one woman told me about this four layer facial where layers of products are  put on and allowed to dry .. but i went on line to see it… the u tube video of it… and they don’t put on gauze first ..( and not medical gauze).. the gauze that  was placed on my face was different… .

I did more google searches for masks… for making masks and low and behold you can actually make a plaster paris  form for a mask and then make an actual mask from this other substance that you can paint to  look like skin…. in the video they were making masks for movies.. and for Halloween… i wonder how actual life like you could get one of those masks???and then for what purpose??????

I guess 3 business… some money from  refinancing… a car or two… cleaning out bank accounts.. stealing an identity… would that be worth all of that trouble? would it be close enough to me… to a real life person that any relative or friend wouldn’t be able to tell?

Guess if they hasn’t really seen me in 7 years….

 then i remembered… what Gerard had said( to scare me i guess)  about my privacy.. basically that i wouldn’t have any… and that i should look closely at people’s feet and hands…. he said  something about  those usually don’t change… and honestly i rarely noticed feet or hands i mean really noticed to see…. … for example if they were my mother’s hands.. or not. …. or my mothers teeth … or her face was wrinkled or not… or if her height seemed taller or shorter….

also remember way back when i first met him… pictures… lots of facial pictures were taken…

the freak( gerard)  also asked me a lot of questions  about my family and my dad… about  whether i would  be great to him.. take care of him…  gosh I hope he and his criminal group of scum haven’ t really ruined my entire family life he had threatened to do……

another time 
when i went to a doctor for a chest x-ray…. the doctor thought i had had breast implants… then not had them out then had them in ……… weird conversation… since i have never had breast implants ever…..but we can discuss what i believe to be some serious medical scams that they used me for…. or my identity… or whatever… UGG

like i said worst experiences of my life occurred since meeting that idiot…

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