Tuesday december 21st 2010 @ 7:45pm( intellius … totally love them!)

So very excited about speaking with a wonderful representative from Intellis this evening..Her name is Dana and she was wonderful…she was able to allow me to print reports form lat year and from this year!!! I can’t wait to take all this new information to to the police… especially since all the information I had stored in a paper file and now locked up….mysteriously disappeared… its always amazing to me when I have a file folder labeled with the information that should be inside written on the outside… labeled and ready to input into a data file on my computer….or send in an email…to the police..or even after I have written about it in this blog.. somehow .. a few of the papers/from folders have disappeared …  you can actually  still see the staples marks.. as if they had been torn out of the file… no hiding the fact that there had been something in the file…at one point in time… now it is gone… stolen .. i guess the little stinky criminals think that if they steal the proof that they were stealing.. then they can continue to steal?  or what? that if there is no information … that they can try to say I imagined it?… or that … it didn’t happen… that has been the most frustrating… when someone is telling you something you know to be true… and to make sure they don’t get caught for committing a crime they try to tell you that it just didn’t happen….  it must be just  as frustrating as trying to prove a rape without DNA evidence…. right?   It is my word against a person who makes their  living from  stealing and lying  and cheating people out of a great and wonderful life… but wait .. I am getting off track…. the point i was or am trying to make……

I mentioned telephone problems and telephone problems when it came to theft o babysitting jobs…. anyway…. last year right about this time of year in fact my mom called me to tell me of a babysitting job… it was for a few nights and i think it was to be between $400-$1000.00 for the entire time of the sitting…. my mom had spoken to the people and it was scheduled  and she discussed the prices and the client had discussed what would be expected of the sitter and what would be expected as far as payment… parking… and all the specific details for the sitter… a done deal….

anyway, after the job was set i had put it in my date book and I received a phone call from a cell phone.. she claimed to be Sarah Humphry and was calling to cancel the job.  I was very suspicious and did an Intellius check o the cell number.

This is the information for the cell number:
 The cell number is (617-877-7978) 
registered to a J Gibbons                                  12 Newcastle Rd. B
age 48                                                                   Brighton Ma 02135
Geri Gibbons
John Gibbons
JC Gibbons 

Because of the loss of this job I could only get my family and  friends  the little guardian angel boxes for Christmas last year( i mentioned them in www.mygingerbreadman.com)… I had hoped to be able to get my niece something really great!

At least I gave my sister a ring she had me keep for her for safe keeping…( it is beautiful… this sapphire ring with diamonds all around it… it actually looks like the ring that Prince William gave to Kate Middleton…honest it really does!….I took it right off my hand and gave it to her for Christmas…. ( don’t know why she said “Score”… but I think she liked having it back…and since I didn’t  have the extra money….I had hoped for because of girls stealing jobs..so this time it was absolute proof though the cell phone records that foul play was at hand…

I also wanted to mention another job that was by a woman Karen Hale also form bay colony… when my mother had eh job set up the woman said i had babysat for her the year before and wanted a new sitter… i checked my records and that job was canceled…I never ever sat for this woman… so perhaps someone else went in my place…ie stole a job. the woman was dissatisfied and there they go again… ruining a reputation…. when i did nothing wrong… and  actually did nothing..never even met the woman… unless Karen Hale is Karen Kahel…. the bully but then that is another infraction of the law althogether….

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