Tuesday December 21st 2010 @10:09pm( intellius again to prove phone fraud)

So,  I mentioned beforthat I was speaking with Virgin Mobil representative about the phone problems… the continuous calls from a bogus caller id.. the— 112392872294……Intellius…couldn’t do a check because the amount of numbers on the caller id for this  bogus number were wrong….. so when I was discussing the problem with someone who was supposed to be from the service department of virgin Mobil..
I was told by the representative…can’t remember if he said if he was  from the Philippines..or from Nicaragua…...
but he told me to call..( 908-607-4119)…..  so i did an Intellius call check on the number and these are the results: 

Telephone number:   908-607-4119
caller id name:  Mobil virgin
phone type:  land line
carrier:  Verizon New Jersey Inc.
County:   Morris

This is what is so puzzling…. that the corporate office is located in New
Jersy… and uses Verizon Service for their phone carrier??????????
not only that..but even more puzzling…. the corporate office of Virgin Mobil doesn’t have a phone caller id that actually says Virgin Mobil...it says it backwards… Mobil Virgin...

I honestly  wouldn’t think that a corporate office would  not do something like that… would you? So in conclusion… I think that the number I was given was wrong… and was not to a corporate office but to another criminal…. who would then tell me that no noting was wrong with my phone.. or would try to gleen more information from me… so more criminal activity could continue…..

oh what a tangled web they do conceive….when they practice to deceive…( i know i took a little liberty changing the words… but deception and lying and cheating and stealing… manipulating for their own benefit… absolutely criminal…  I hate criminals…)Hurry up congressmen….. lets get these and all criminals who manipulate and harm and promote fraud…over the phone..lets put them in JAIL!

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