Friday december 24th 2010 @2:06pm ( joel osteen account … unscribe noticed on my email … but i didn’t do it!)

So this morning I was checking on my emails… and….. I received this notice that  I had unsubscribe   from getting posts  from Joel Olsteen ministries… which of course was a shock to me… especially since I had just called and talked with  a representative about an order of the “GRACE” series that I gave a donation  to order in early November… the woman I spoke with was really rude( very uncharacteristic of any of the  representatives from  Joel Olsteen ministry…and come to think of it she told me that the only way I could actually get the CD’s I ordered was to have her cancel it( the order of Grace)  and have it go through her account????? now that does not  sound right at all..

 Monday December 20th 2010 @ 1:04:18pm I received the email about canceling my posts.. now all I have to do is figure where the posts were canceled from….?????? and maybe who did this?????

my exact order was ordered November 16th 2010. @ exactly 5:56:38pm
the confirmation code was given to me adn it was supposed to be shipped out with in a few days…
the address in my account is correct….. what happened??

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