Sunday November 21st 2010 @9:01am

 So i am writing on both my blogs this early Sunday morning…  here at the Ritz Carlton in Naples Florida….
yesterday i was luckily enough to use my staples rewards(remind me later to speak on how i had to   actually redo my staples rewards program… someone had done something  to my account… and i had to be reissued a 20.00 rewards for my recycling of ink cartridges.. can you believe someone would steal $20.00 for a rewards program?) anyway…. to get some items including a 2gb memory card… I was on the phone with the Westlaw reference attorneys and they were so helpful in trying to help me to narrow my search for the proper laws and cases that involved a specific crimes against my life… ( i guess you can say that right? ) 

I just wanted to put down in the blog the proper searches for the identity theft portion of the crimes….

search:identity-theft/s”uniquephysical representation” voice print biometric 
Ben was able to find 70 documents 

search 817.568 identity-theft/p”unique physical representation” voice-print biometric 
Ben was able to find 172 documents
 key cite statute citing ref fl st. 817.568

I wanted to put it in this blog so that it will be published and my notes or the paperwork will not get stolen…. speaking about stolen notes and information….or documents….

I received an additional piece of bully mail…. it was in a red envelope… it did not have a return address was not signed and actually came in the form of a card.. with a really nasty note that had a Cleveland post mark from  October 28th…. i just checked my mail ..( this past week….) . for a while i was getting additional   mail similar to this and other bully letters/cards  each and every time it bothered me, so i stopped checking my mail…. 

 since i have family who still reside in Cleveland and that could possibly send me a card for my b-day or Christmas… i would mistakenly open the cards./letter…. they came with a post mark of Cleveland and it had a profile of a girls face with a pony tail … does anyone know where the post mark might have originated?…. these letters would  come with Jesus stickers on them….. i would mistakenly open them thinking that i had a relative who was sending a nice card or holiday card… but instead would be greeted with a horrible anonymous article that was damaging and mean… and of course i would cry.. then someone would come up with an additional   reason for my crying…. like i was depressed… or bipolar… or manic depressive… NO…NO…. and…..NO……. i was just bullied… and got a horrible piece of mail from some person who was mean!!!!

this last card actually had a note that was not signed.. the person said she had never met me but “had heard”…… something about me…. of course i cried… and was upset for a full day maybe even two…  can you please explain….who in their right mind thinks that they have a right to send bully mail to offend and upset anyone?… this came at the same time  i got that mean  email .. remember the one who was supposed to be from my “aunt Bonnie” ( my aunt Bonnie is not really my aunt just a great friend to my mother who i met when  we moved to Saudi…….i actually babysat her children when i was about 10 years old… its funny because i am only two years older than her eldest daughter… and 4 years older than her son….)

so as you can tell… the babysitting and working with children and caring for peole has been in me for a long time Ha! but honestly i really don’t want to be a nurse… i never really did even though i was in college as a nursing student when i first started the university of Florida…. guess i was always very responsible and i was always the good kid.. the one who didn’t get in trouble… the one who helped out and the one who was pretty nice to everyone…… actually I used to be really nice to everyone … and honest… i was and still am very honest….   

anyway back to the description of the bully mail… it had different handwriting then the other mail i had received( i had actually been keeping the envelopes … remember i wrote about using some DNA  or handwriting analysis…. or some evidence that would prove who was sending them?…….. anyway…. when i went to compare it to the other letters i had received… i had about 5 that i had saved out of about 10 of them… i found them to have “disappeared”… remember when i mentioned  the email that was sent to my priest… tat disappeared when i tried setting up an appointment to clarify the horrible things said.. and clear my reputation….  then  an entire file with all the Florida statutes and documentation and notes had “disappeared from a locked closet…
so now i only have the two letters… one just an envelop… the other i still have the note and contents…
so i have already reported these letters to the post office.. and will also bring attention to the police department of this harassing document…..

What i don’t understand is that someone thinks by stealing the damaging information .. the notes that made me cry…. the bully emails that make me cry …… do they think that I should  then just get over it ?.. that if no one knows about a crime that it is o.k.?… or do they think that as long as there is no evidence that then they can continue to harass, bully, steal?… or is it just plain and simple that they don’t want to get caught.. have to live up to the consequences of their actions… to me that seems more plausible.. 

  But how cowardly….. how pathetic.. to pick on a girl and then think you are a big person if you get away with it .. if you aren’t caught…. 

Can’t someone catch them? can’t someone actually make them ever stop?… i kept saying that these criminals when not stopped will continue to harm .. if not me .then someone else….

I just can never  get over that they have no sense of conscience….  that they will never have any remorse…. i actually spoke with someone on the phone who told me it will be near impossible to prosecute… because it is hard to prove… and then when  i can prove something they go and steal the evidence… its just devastating….  and i have hated every minute of it…. something that i never should have had to go through.. and something i don’t want anyone else to have to go through…. what rotten, rotten people… defiantly not friends or family who would do such things… so i really don’t want them in my life… or ever near my home or my my businesses….

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