November 29th 2010 @2:34pm ( missing clothing/returned clothing)

 So I went into my closet today and to my surprise a sweater i had locked safely away in a suitcase was   hanging on a hanger in my closet… a white sweater with this golfing type argyle in black and white with a pinstripe light blue is patterned on the front… my mom actually had mentioned  one time that she liked it instead of the cream dress with the beige sweater she had seem me wear so often.  Since yesterday was Sunday, i did leave the house to go to church and also went to get a dvd from blockbuster.. probably a total of 2 hours out from my home…

I just wonder who would have the nerve.. and criminal expertise to have such a short time and yet go  into my home… and into my locked closet… what balls…. what nerve and what a criminal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 this is just one experience of many and many….  that has been happening since 2003 when Gerard first got a set of my keys… maybe it even happened before that but that is when i first started noticing…. just like today… unless you spend your entire life categorizing and going though all your possessions you may miss a sweater here or a blouse there .. some jewelry you don’t wear all the time.. or even  shoes you don’t wear all that often.. i mean you can only wear one pair of shoes at a time right?  but what a devious and calculating and criminal mind.. to intentionally think of when someone was not at home…to consider what someone might not miss… how absolutely sickening….. and so diabolical…. 

I remember going to a decorating class being held at the waterside shops.. at pottery barn and a woman waling in mentioned that she liked my pants… ( they had been my sisters and she gave them to me as a gift…. ) they are bright ( not exactly Lilly Pulitzer bright… but large pattern and very unique… anyway… when she said she had seen those pants before ..  said thank you told her they had been a gift… but later i was a bit worried… what if some of these girls who “borrow without asking” or steal my clothing what the heck are they doing in my clothing?…

Another instance… have you ever bought or slept in a really large button down shirt? In winter time i had a few shirts that i had ( a few from old boyfriends) but some i bought that were great and over sized to sleep in… i know this one button down in particular… it was  ( purple) i bought it as  an XXlarge…. somehow it became a small and i can’t wear it the way i wanted to….

last year when it was cold….  i remember looking for these great winter shirts… i had a kelly green flannel and a royal blue flannel and this great red flannel blouse that we had gotten from Neiman Marcus.. i had them from college… since it never really gets that cold here i only got to wear them a few times a year… .  these weren’t  tacky flannel…. shirts but nice blouses.. they just happened to be made of a warmer material…. well… those never “turned back up”…. after being “borrowed without  permission”  or stolen… along with a few cute skirts … and i know  when i moved in and had all my clothing put away… i had three closets full of clothes….  now i have basically one that I  keep locked…

What a shame what a few criminals can do to a person’s life…. i bought items… because i liked them… i liked how they fit me…  i worked for the money to buy them… if i had wanted to give them away i would have… if i had wanted to buy a stranger a gift.. i would have…..  but did not chose to have them stolen… did not choose to   have a stranger wear them…. did not choose to be a victim of a criminal who not only likes to mess with  people’s lives… but must like to ruin their lives as well…… how selfish…. how rotten… how evil and so self serving….

Even worse… i was punished for telling people that this was happening…  the validity of my reporting these crimes was questioned… my life was discredited….and so because i was discredited.. i guess these criminals  believe they can  keep doing what they have been doing… and they believe because they have not been caught or punished that they can  still get away with breaking laws… like breaking and entering… stealing  God  only knows what else….




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