November 27th 2010@4:37pm( emails to priest concerning damaging emails about me sent to church)

 Today is November 27th but the email  i will transpose is from October 22nd 2010.  ( as of today i still have not had an appointment set to see Father John concerning the emails. I did speak with the church secretary who passed along my message to Natalie and who actually thought she may have know someone who may  have been interested in buying my Mercedes! )

Here is the email I sent on October 22nd 2010:

Dear Natalie,                     October 22nd 2010

I would like to set up an appointment with the Reverend John J. Ludden as soon as possible.  I am available to have an appointment at his earliest convenience either  morning, afternoon or evening would be fine.  Please email me ( Mary Jean Ziska – ) with any time that will be available for this meeting. 

I have recently been made aware that many damaging and defaming emails were sent out starting in 2003.  These emails were sent to both defame my character and damage my reputation in the community and in my personal and professional life.  One was sent to Father Ludden in 2007.

I am in the process of trying to slowly rectify all the damage that has been done to my life by finding out the person’s responsible.  God Willing,  I  plan to take them to court so they will never be able to do such criminal and civil injustices to another individual again.

I need to meet with him to verify the receipt of the email.  Document his response to the email as to its believability and damaging content.  I need to prove the extensive damage and emotional distress such a document can inflict in an individual’s life.  I need to verify that the believability and authority these documents /emails contained changed his opinion of knowledge of me as a catholic member of the Naples community and attending member of St. John’s catholic church.  All this is needed to assist in proving a case of cyber bulling and defamation of character law suit.  Theses certain individuals intentionally and systematically went  about criminally destroying my life, my reputation which then harmed my friendships and other relationships.  At the present moment an attempt to ruin yet a third business in is effect.

As a side note, if there is still time, I would like to speak with Father John concerning a novena to St. Jude i have been saying for one year and two months… faithfully everyday … for protection from all the  harm and damages  of these people and for a huge financial miracle.  Due to the infliction of all the damages caused by these very manipulative and harmful persons in this community my life has been nothing like the life i wanted, worked towards, and planed for.  I did nothing wrong, there was nothing wrong with me.. and I want compensation for the loss of my life.. including  the fulfillment of all my hopes, dreams and affirmations.  These should have been possible without the intentional criminal and civil crimes such as the defaming emails and multiple crimes perpetrated against me and my family.

I have a few questions concerning this novena as my particular intention is for protection  from further harm, rectifying all the damage that has already been done and for a huge financial  miracle that would enable me to financially protect myself from further harm and protect  my family from harm as well.

 I pray for blessings and protection for those who are responsible for assisting me in trying to stop all  the civil and criminal crimes from continuing to be committed.  I intend to prosecute and gain damages to compensate for the harm already inflicted upon myself and my family
Thank you for your kind attention in this matter,
Mary Jean Ziska . 

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