November 27th 2010 @1:21pm ( emailed police /attorneys and mail center on sunday November 21st 2010)

To whom it may concern,
November 21at 2010 1:45pm
My name is Mary Jean Ziska I reside at ___________________ Naples Florida My email address is : what My contact telephone numbers are supposed to be :  239-287-2294 ( virgin mobile) and 561-594-56921( through MJ)
I have been dealing with a group of con artists /criminals since meeting Gerard Ahler in 2003. The have not only infiltrated and ruined every aspect of the life i had before meeting him including business, relationships but there have been numerous criminal and civil wrongdoings.  I am still attempting to rectify all  of these situations.  I want these criminals to be caught and stopped.

I don’t want anyone else to go through the horrible years that i have had to endure or the actual infliction of pain and suffering not to mention the  emotional stress and bulling but all the items stolen  or ruined,  All the business that have been tampered with, the relationships( that in this entire process of not stopping the criminals) have  been ruined.  These people are a detrimental to society, and to the Naples community.Without stopping them they will continue to be criminals and continue to harm other people.  I did not ask to be involved, did not want my life oar family to be involved, but i find my family, and relationships continually harmed by these people.

I have started to catalog the laws broken, the people involved, and will continue to update and will continue to fill in all the incidents.  Putting all this information  on line  seems to be the only way to let the public /police and attorneys know the truth and to do something about it.  As i mentioned in my blog, on my website.  This is my search for Justice.  my website is: and my blog is

Mary Jean Ziska