november 23rd 2010 @7:58pm ( ean stein email message trying to contact for payment of loan)

Email sent from Mary Jean ziska to Ean stein
 Fri.  October 13th 2006 12:15pm

( problem with email address:  phone numbers:

561-995-7306 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              561-995-7306      end_of_the_skype_highlighting  561-995-7632 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              561-995-7632      end_of_the_skype_highlighting  /561-995-7671  /561-504-1543  /561-715-2463  /561-852-3477/

Hi Ean, I tried calling the only number I have for you, I tried it twice but there was no answer.  I don’t have any other numbers for Michale Summerville or for the  Atlantic mortgage company.  All the original numbers for them are out of order.
We spoke by accident the other day  and you said that Michael told you he gave me money.  I have not lied about anything and I didn’t receive any money from him or from  you.  I don’t know if he gave it to someone else or if there was some horrible mix up.  I even spoke with the people  over at statewide funding ( a long  time ago ) and they didn’t have any information and you can check with them that I never  received any money.  I would really like to get his whole situation resolved . I know its hard but maybe we can come to some type of agreement and both of us can get the whole matter  resolved 
thank you for your kind attention in this matter,
sincerely mary Jean  ziska

*verbal contract of loan for $2000.00 to be repaid to may jean ziska by Ean stein

revised contract for repayment fo personal loan
identification of parties:
this agreement executed in duplicate with each party receiving an executed original, is made between Mary Jean Ziska   
Effective Date of Agreement:
the effective date of this agreement will be the date when having been executed by both parties copies of the agreement are received signed witnessed and notarized on or by May 2006
Entire agreement: 
This agreement contains the entire agreement fo the parties.  No other agreement statement or promise made on or before the effective date of this agreement will be binding on the parties.  
This is a binding contract between Mary Jean Ziska and Ean Stein.
The conditions of this contract establish a repayment of a personal loan made to Ean Stein from Mary Jean Ziska.  The verbal agreement and subsequent exchange of monies was concluded December 2005 after a refinancing transaction with Atlantic mortgage and subsequent mortgage company, Agis Mortgage.  The loan was made in cash payment to borrower, Ean Sten from lender Mary Jean Ziska the total amount of loan was $2200.00. 
*  The contract is being revised to establish a payment plan which will be enforced by subsequent liens and threat of final judgment if not strictly followed.
*  The initial payment will be in the amount of $500.00 this payment will be made at the conclusion of the signing of this agreement.
*This initial payment of $500.00 is set fr May 12th 2006.
*A payment of $200.00 per month due on the 12th of each month until the entire  balance is paid in full. 
*This payment process is to initiate June 12th 2006.
*All monies will be in the form of United states currency.
Payments will be made in the for of a bank check or cashiers check and made payable to Mary Jean ziska
Witnessed :

Letter to Ean Stein by Marion Gregory
Attempt to get $ back from  Ean Stein 

Date:  January 9 2006
Ean Stein Loan Executive of Atlantic Mortgage Associates LLC
From Marion Gregory ( mother of Marion Gregory)
Subject:  Loan made to Ean Stein by hi s client Mary Jean Ziska

Dear Ean: 
This fax will confirm the loan of $2000.00 that my daughter Mary Jean Ziska made to you in person on Friday January 6th e2006.

As you know I was very much against this transaction for many reasons the most being that  you are a con man and have taken advantage of Mary Jean. 

You have been working on her for weeks and set her up as a con- artist does.  After she closed her refinancing with your company you immediately approached her for a loan which is grossly unethical.  She was advised by the two managers of Bank of America not to wire you the money you pressured her to “borrow” You and your boss tried to convince these bankers to wire $2000.00 into your boss’s checking account. 

When this was aborted by the bankers and me, you still went after her in person when she stopped by your company this past Friday ( January 62006) to get a copy of the credit  rating you pulled.  I was very upset to hear that she gave you this cash in person and you told her not to tell me  about it!

Originally you said you would be paying $2000.00 back to her by January 15th 2006.  I am hereby demanding that you get a certified bank check for $2000.00. payable to Mary Jean Ziska and mail it directly to  Mary Jean Ziska C/o 9202 Vanderbilt drive Naples Florida 34108 so that it is received no later than January 16th 2006.

If this is not done then i will have no choice but to contact y lawyer to take legal action to collect this money and to make sure you are never allowed to do “business” again in the state of Florida.  I will see to it that you lose your license and this transaction will be  reported to the State to the professional Board of Mortgage Companies to the Better Business Bureau and to the regulations board that governs mortgage companies.

I will not allow you to take advantage of my daughter’s vulnerability.  What you have done is against all morals and values and you will pay the consequences for such action.
If this money is not paid back to my daughter than I will send a copy of this fax to Statewide Title who did the closing on her refinancing to the owner of Atlantic Mortgage to the polic
e Department and to whomever else ( mentioned above ) might be interested in prosecuting you.
If you wish to contact me my telephone number is 239-598-1515 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              239-598-1515      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.
Respectfully submitted,
Marion Gregory 


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